Most Frequent Questions and Answers

The Tailorstaq app has a how-to-video that teaches you how to take and record each of your body parts measurements for the best-fit clothes you’ll be making with our tailors.

We strive to deliver authenticity in every design. There are different designs to choose from, on our app, and you get to determine the type of perfect fit you want for your chosen clothing design.

Apart from Bespoke and Custom-made clothing, we have an accessories page where you can buy affordable non-tarnish jewelry pieces and hand-made accessories from Africa.

Please click on the complaints icon and follow the instructions.

You can make any kind of designs on your fabrics at an agreed cost with your tailor, in compliance with Tailorstaq’s protocols.

All of our prices are in US Dollars (USD).

No, the app is secured. Every tailor registered with us is verified. A tailor gets blocked from receiving orders when he has reported on 3 counts.


For further inquiries please email